MicroStrategy Continues Bitcoin Accumulation Amid Market Slump

Key Takeaways MicroStrategy has disclosed that it purchased an additional 480 Bitcoin between May 3 and Jun. 28. The firm now holds 129,699 Bitcoin. The number one crypto is currently sitting at... Read more »

Chainlink Pumps and Dumps on Robinhood Listing

Key Takeaways Online brokerage platform Robinhood listed Chainlink’s LINK. The token surged by nearly 9% following the announcement.  Although the recent gains were lost, LINK looks poised to rebound.   Share this article... Read more »

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Look Ready to Retrace

Key Takeaways Dogecoin has risen by nearly 47% over the past ten days. Shiba Inu has similarly gained over 55% in market value.  These meme coins now look poised to retrace before... Read more »

Bitcoin, Ethereum Poised for Big Price Movements

Key Takeaways Bitcoin is stuck between $21,500 and $21,000. Meanwhile, Ethereum is trading between $1,250 and $1,190.  Closing outside these trading ranges will determine the trend’s direction.  Share this article The cryptocurrency... Read more »

Ethereum Outpaces Bitcoin in Crypto Market Rebound

Key Takeaways Bitcoin jumped by 20% after printing a low of $17,600 this weekend.  Meanwhile, Ethereum surged by over 29% from a low of $880. Both assets have reached crucial areas of... Read more »

Celsius Token Up 65% as Traders Pull Short Squeeze

Key Takeaways Celsius’ CEL token has jumped 65% in the past 24 hours due to a combination of retail buying and short covering. The #CELShortSqueeze hashtag has helped fuel the rally by... Read more »

Compound, Aave, Synthetix Lead Ethereum DeFi Revival

Key Takeaways Compound and Aave have surged by over 70% since Jun. 18. Synthetix also went parabolic at the start of the week as its trading volumes have exploded. COMP can hit... Read more »

Harmony’s Cross-Chain Bridge Exploited for $100M

Key Takeaways Harmony’s cross-chain bridge Horizon has been exploited for around $100 million in various tokens. The attacker has sold all stolen funds for Ethereum, but is to launder them through a... Read more »

MATIC Gets Bullish Boost on Polygon Carbon Neutrality News

Key Takeaways Polygon has partnered with KlimaDAO to offset its carbon emissions. The blockchain startup retired $400,000 worth of carbon credits, equivalent to the MATIC network’s entire carbon debt since its inception... Read more »

Bitcoin Struggles to Rebound as Miner Capitulation Continues 

Key Takeaways Multiple reports indicate that Bitcoin miners are selling off more coins to cover the cost of their operations. Miners have sold an estimated $500 million worth of Bitcoin so far... Read more »